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Into the Future: THE TOWN OF MOHABA

Imagining the Future: THE TOWN OF MOHABA
I am tapping into the world of science fiction with my fantasy series, "The Town of Mohaba." By doing so, I am spending time studying the genre, science fiction. I am learning a great deal about the power of writing and or creating the future. Its most appealing side to me is how it can lead to future ideas. It can assist younger generation of readers envision the impossible as possible. It can, potentially, trigger new ideas that eventually lead to new inventions faster than we thought possible. After all, the purpose of science fiction is imagining the possibilities of future technology and biological advancements. It can be undiscovered or unreal. Or, perhaps, it can be something that can be invented but our technology has not advanced to that level.  
In my series, travelling into the past would not be possible without the future invented to allow the travelling possible. The readers receive a minimal glimpse without much of anything revealed in the first part of the series. The fight scenes mostly happen in the past, which was not the focus of the story in book 1. There was a lesson to be learned in the first volume as many may have anticipated a lot of fight scenes. As the story continues, it gets more consumed with saving the planet, learning the secrets of the galaxy and the cosmos. It gets interesting when the time traveling is used to solve and save both the living and dead. I am excited because I know the plot for the entire story but not the details. I don't know how the characters end up using science inventions to accomplish the things that I have planned out for them.    
I learned that science fiction helps young readers visualize what can exist in the future. It can open doors to new inventions like how smartphones have now for us. To know that the future you create in your story can help the minds of this and the next generation is empowering. My job as an author is to entertain my readers. If I can create a future that is based on the logics of today, then I think I have accomplished what I hoped and that is to create something that people find intriguing and can learn from. I also like to hope for it to be an eye opening for things that can be made to exist. My generation may be behind but theirs will not be. "The Town of Mohaba," is a fantasy-based story; however, the backgrounds are composed of the real world. It consists of mostly real humans. Of course, there are hidden souls in a body, masked warriors and immortals along with gifted characters that show up later in the story. Not to add, the monks, Death and Buddha who can exist in anything from things to animals to humans. The immortals are invisible, but they exist in a setting that is ideally considered real. Imagine the future that they are found in and all the devices are what I imagine could exist in our real future.   
I like to hope that I can create something that contributes to future advancement of technology or science. Although, I am a fantasy author, just like a scientist, I am speculating the future, and, in a way, I am inventing things to go in the story. This is one of the reasons that I am challenging myself to take on this tough and challenging task. For me, writing fantasy is easy. It comes natural to me. However, science fiction is not. Writing science fiction is a whole new world of understanding the world like space, technology, time, evolution, human body and health. I have been studying for quiet some time now to a point that I had to borrow books from the library as purchasing them was becoming too expensive. I hope that in the future, I can build my own library. I like the physical feeling of holding a book in my hand over reading on the internet. Of course, I partly belong to the old generation. We studied with only books and no internet. Now, most kids, start holding an iPad as early as the age of 2 and 3.  
I decided to devote Volume 1 to creating the afterlife. I developed the background of the town. Now, my readers are yet to learn the history of this isolated town. Not much has been revealed in Book 1. Nor, much on each individual character’s past that brings them to the present. As the story continues, time travelling will become one of the biggest controllers of the story. Science and technology play a big role unravelling the problems that need to be solved for the town, the afterlife and its humans. For example, in the first part, the mirror souls existed without much insight into why and how originally created. In my book, the health of humans will be as important as the existence of the afterlife. After all, many of the immortals whose past is revealed, at some point, were humans. When it comes to the field of health and technology, revisiting the past and understanding it could potentially lead to new ideas for the future. I think it is good to look at our flaws and past mistakes and this is to do with anything in life. Sometimes, it is good to go to the past and then back to the present time to see how much technology has advanced so far. With the current technology, we are at a higher pace of quicker scientific developments and inventions. Imagine, before, doctors did not have MRI or X-RAY. Now, many lives are saved with surgery by locating the problems in the body.  
Thanks to science, we have much larger population of people in all age groups. Is this good or bad? In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages in anything that is created in our world. In this situation or dilemma, over how to manage human overpopulation, for instance, we are going against our regular evolution. We are helping humans live longer. Now, the way things are going, our population is increasing rapidly. If the earth exists for a long time without huge natural disasters, increased population on our planet and not enough food to go around, is going to become a huge problem for us. These are all interesting subjects. We need to begin now to elaborate on them and have prepared solutions, so we can all manage to live in harmony. I think, being ready, more than anything, is a key to human survival. We can’t, and we should not be leaving anything to last minute. Prevention and being ready is key to survival. I am passionate about life, as you can tell I am from my social media, I am also a life coach. I am curious about what happens to us after we die. I am also curious about how we are created. And, all these curiosities, I explore in my book. Of course, in my novel series, I get to make my version of what happens. And, I like it to be as close to reality than imaginary as possible. I find that I get bored easily. By tapping into science fiction, the amount of learning and possibilities are limitless. That is why I know that I am going to have a lot of fun as my series will slowly reveal predictions of what I think our world will look like many generations passed. Hopefully, by then, humans have not become extinct.  
It is difficult to guess how much of my story will be imaginary and how much of it will become a possibility in the real future world. All the time travelling will be completed by immortals and imaginary characters. The scenes and backgrounds will be what I imagine our real world would look like during that time or century that the characters are placed. I like the health and science aspect because it is easy to predict. It is not rocket science that advancements in science can lead to longer lives with less diseases, chronic and or terminal illnesses, which I find fascinating. To learn all the secrets that the town, castle Jewl and the characters hold, the readers must reach the ending of the entire series. At times, I present the reader a glimpse of what could potentially be in my future volumes through images and quotations shared on my Instagram and Facebook page. You would have to follow me closely to discover them. Some of the clues are there. After volume 2, anything about the future provided in my social media, will make readers guess what could be next. I rarely reveal anything. The images are intended to make my fans guessing. Read my quote below and feel free to share your opinion and ideas about our future. 
"With how the world is going, we humans will kill and destroy our own species." 
- Nazanin Marzban 
Read Nazanin's first volume before the second is released. The author's next book signing for her hardcover is scheduled at Indigo Bookstore this Summer. Please visit or stay up-to-date following her on On Instagram, the author writes about her journey as she writes her series without giving away the plots. Her book is available at all your favorite bookstores (i.e. iTunes, iBook, Barnes&Nobel, Nook, Indigo, Kobo, Walmart) 

The Town of Mohaba Series (2017) 

Book 1 - Death

Published: July 4, 2017

Book Review's Rating: Five-Star

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author: Nazanin Marzban

Cover Design: Fabrizio Catalfamo



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