Sunday, May 27, 2018

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Now Available in Hardcover Edition

On May 12th, THE TOWN OF MOHABA, Book 1, DEATH, launched in Hardcover Edition. It is currently available to buy at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel bookstore online. The author will be signing her hardcover edition in her hometown this summer at Indigo Bookstore, Park Royal location. Find out what the book reviewers are calling, "The Next Harry Potter." The Fiver-Star Award Winner Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel Series shared by Readers' Review will appeal to a wide range of audiences from tweens to teens who are a fan of the magical stories with an added supernatural tale. Another reviewer, recently, promoted to a chief executive role at a publisher back in her home country, Aparna Preethi, had some words of her own to share with sci-fi fan-based readers: "The picturesque narration, unimaginable things, unpredictable happenings, peculiar characters, idiosyncratic backgrounds and the unique plot of the tale has made the first part of the book conquering."


The Town of Mohaba Series (2017) 

Book 1 - Death

  • Published: July 4, 2017
  • Book Review's Rating: Five-Star
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author: Nazanin Marzban
  • Cover Design: Fabrizio Catalfamo
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Read Nazanin's first volume before the second is released. The author's next book signing for the release of her hardcover is scheduled at Indigo this Summer. Please visit or stay up-to-date following her book page: On Instagram (author_nazanin), the author writes about her journey as she writes her series without giving away the plots. Her book is available at all your favorite bookstores (i.e. iTunes, iBook, Barnes&Nobel, Nook, Indigo, Walmart)



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