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Sunday, May 27, 2018

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Now Available in Hardcover Edition

On May 12th, THE TOWN OF MOHABA, Book 1, DEATH, launched in Hardcover Edition. It is currently available to buy at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel bookstore online. The author will be signing her hardcover edition in her hometown this summer at Indigo Bookstore, Park Royal location. Find out what the book reviewers are calling, "The Next Harry Potter." The Fiver-Star Award Winner Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel Series shared by Readers' Review will appeal to a wide range of audiences from tweens to teens who are a fan of the magical stories with an added supernatural tale. Another reviewer, recently, promoted to a chief executive role at a publisher back in her home country, Aparna Preethi, had some words of her own to share with sci-fi fan-based readers: "The picturesque narration, unimaginable things, unpredictable happenings, peculiar characters, idiosyncratic backgrounds and the unique plot of the tale has made the first part of the book conquering."


The Town of Mohaba Series (2017) 

Book 1 - Death

  • Published: July 4, 2017
  • Book Review's Rating: Five-Star
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author: Nazanin Marzban
  • Cover Design: Fabrizio Catalfamo
  • Click to Buy Now

Read Nazanin's first volume before the second is released. The author's next book signing for the release of her hardcover is scheduled at Indigo this Summer. Please visit nazaninmarzban.com or stay up-to-date following her book page: www.facebook.com/thetownofmohaba On Instagram (author_nazanin), the author writes about her journey as she writes her series without giving away the plots. Her book is available at all your favorite bookstores (i.e. iTunes, iBook, Barnes&Nobel, Nook, Indigo, Walmart)

The Artist

We are particularly honored to announce the publication of The Artist, a Michele Iacono's book (Checkpoint Charlie) originally written in Italian, here translated by the magic keyboard of Giusi Nigro. 
It was a long work in which they participated among others: L.H.Davis, author of The Race, the novel published by Hoffmann & Hoffmann in the recent year 2017 and F. Guzzardi author of the novel in Italian language "26 Days". 

The Artist, is the story of a failed artist painter, who suddenly finds himself, thanks to a series of circumstances, projected into a world made of wealth and sweet living, but also of corruption, greed and perversions at every level.

The novel is drawn on the backgrounds of an Italy with numerous artistic and cultural treasures. Suspended between philosophy and raw realism, coexisting with extraordinary lightness, until the drama of existence and its absurd inconsistencies; traveling through the alleys of a sunny and grotesque Naples in a Turin full of youthful memories and to which the author leaks some pearls of memory.
We move from the eternal city to the sweet Tuscany, where the events of the artist painter intertwine with characters on the margins of society and others to the edge of our imagination.

 "What forced the good Samaritan to cede the mantle? He
asked the artist. A top prize is answered, a place close to the
blessed. And the martyrs? An inquisitor, when he tortured
and killed, did not want to affirm goodness, forcing men and
women to deny wickedness and demons? Were they crucified
to assert themselves in their hardened hearts? What greater
gift could make a woman to a man, if you do not have the
goodness to open her thighs to have it put in?"

  The artist can be purchased worldwide at your local bookstore, or in Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Indigo and in any online bookstore. It can also be ordered directly by the publisher and through "Ingram" distributor for wholesalers and retailers.

 For more informations: 
Hoffmann & Hoffmann LLC
9000 Saint Georges road
Ormond Beach,32174 FL, US
(1) 386-868-2922 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - The Novel Series is Now Available at Walmart

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Series is Now Available at Walmart

I am pleased to announce that, "The town of Mohaba" will be available at Walmart. It is meaningful to me that Walmart has selected my novel series, "The Town of Mohaba," as one of their products. I visioned my dream while being inside their store. I remember vividly the day that I decided to change my novel into a series. I was working with the Hollywood Agency, RMA, at the time. We were working together without a contract for two years. While editing my novel for them, the story took a different turn. I could not control where it was heading. It became more than an edit. It transformed into a love story that themed around romance than action.

The book developed into a romance mixed with mystery and adventure. I will never know the exact reason why the agency decided not to represent me. All I receive is no reply and that your pitch is too long. I recall walking into Walmart and see the agent's books and merchandise displayed. At the time, no words could describe the agony of one day living your dream to next being crashed into pieces. It hurt to the point that I began avoiding their sections in Walmart. 

Natural Grief Accompanied by Doubts and Fear of Failure

The words, "Failure, disaster, hurt ..." echoed in my mind. I thought that I would never have a chance again at becoming an author. It hurt to walk through different sections of Walmart even in the pillow section, there were the agency's printed products. I admired the agency. Their products are everywhere and so with it, at the time of realization, they were screaming, "Failure," to me. Well, initially, they were. I shop mostly at Walmart, more so, since they started to carry grocery. I am there every week. I walk by their book section everytime that I am there. 

My changed novel lost the interest of the Hollywood Agency back in 2013. It was a devasting experience for a big dreamer. I felt the entire world crashing on me. I was asked to edit the novel only to be left unanswered. After a year of trying hard editing repeatedly, I began to believe that my book was not destined to make it. The vision of me as an author of a series must have been wrong. I slowly began passing by their product section again, in particular, one of Death. When I created the character, Death, as my superhero, I had not thought of the one in Star Wars, who is a villain. It was when the agency became interested in my manuscript that I became aware that they liked my character who, to them, seemed similar to the materials they represented.

I am Living the Author's Dream

It has been a dream of mine to have my book carried by my favorite bookstores. I now feel wake living the author's dream. Walmart to me is the living proof of the phrase that I promote on Instagram, "Dreams do come true." I had similar experience like Walmart when I went to my local bookstore, Indigo. The Robson location was located across UBC downtown, at the time. I had begun attending Creative Writing Program. 

I decided to take writing courses because I could not accept failure as my destiny. I used to go to that Indigo Store during my breaks. I went sometimes before my class. I had the same feeling as I did at Walmart when I saw the agency's displays. I said to myself, "You did not believe in me but wait for my book series in the stores." I had my book signing two times at that same Indigo Bookstore. This is where I promised myself that I would fight and not give up on my dream until I am an author.

Dressing As an Author in My Mind

I switched my perspective on the interest of my dream Hollywood Agency as not a failure rather as an encouragement. I encouraged myself with questions, "What are the chances of hearing back from a literary agent? Small. Wait, you had 2 out of 20 interested. What are the chances of hearing from a Hollywood agency? Very slim." 

I slowly began believing in my story and dream again. My written work had been valued by one of the most respected agencies; therefore, it has potential. And, with that, I stopped the discouraging thoughts of, "It is over." I began dressing in my mind as a writer; not a want to be. It did not matter that I was not represented. It was the journey that mattered. The realization that this is my destiny. The literary agent's interest was a blessing and the reason I pursued my passion for writing. 

My Death is Not a Villain

I said to myself, even until this moment, every week that I go to Walmart, "Just wait. You will see how great my series is. It is not here but it will be." I believe in my story and character with my entire soul. He is not a villain. He is a superhero. On Instagram, they limited one of my Death's pictures. It was apparently viewed as scary or disturbing. I laughed. It was exactly the challenge my character faces. In the book, he repeats, "I am not what they think of me as in the newspapers. I am not a villain. I save the planet from evil. I am the reason there is life after death. I manage the living and the dead and the circle of life."

I can vision my superhero, Death, into many different versions. I see the action movies of Death as a superhero. While applying to literary agents, I walked in New York streets, passing by a displayed window shop of Batman, Spider-Man, and all those other amazing super-heroes. I said to myself, "One day, Death, Mahboo, will be right beside them." This is not a child's dream. This is a real dream. 

It is a dream come true when I discovered that Walmart added my series to their products. It was the most beautiful feeling, "I proved to myself that if I want something and I give it my all that I can have it." You see, I could have given up, and, you would not be reading this blog about how to not give up on your dreams when things get tough. Failure is the solution. It is the essence of succeeding. It is part of it. It opens other doors. You have to want it bad enough to work hard enough to reach it, that's all.

If You Give Up on Your Dream, How Can You Get to it?

As stated beautifully in the book, "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, "You fall seven times only to get up eight times higher." Never forget that. If you fail, this gives you more reason to try harder. Never give up. If there is something that you truly want in this world, you can have it. But, if you give up, how can you get to it? 

Writing is not easy when it is a career. It requires a lot of hard work, devotion, and commitment. You need concentration and extreme amount of focus and energy. Same with any job or dream that you have. It is hard work. And, it is hard to get there. It is even harder to maintain being driven all the time. Therefore, do what you love so it is effortless. And, the hard work is a pleasure rather than torture. 

Do not settle for a job that is not your dream. Do the job that you need to do to support yourself and family but use your extra leisure time on getting to your dream. There is always time for fun. I believe reaching and living your dream is fun. Read my story and hope it inspires you to not give up on your dream. Remember, if it was an impossible job, you would not be hearing the phrase, "Chase your dream" that often. 

Read Nazanin's first volume before the second is released. The author's next book signing for the release of her hardcover is scheduled at Indigo this Summer. Please visit nazaninmarzban.com or stay up-to-date following her book page: www.facebook.com/thetownofmohaba On Instagram, the author writes about her journey as she writes her series without giving away the plots. Her book is available at all your favorite bookstores (i.e. iTunes, iBook, Barnes&Nobel, Nook, Indigo, Walmart)

The Town of Mohaba Series (2017) 

Book 1 - Death

  • Published: July 4, 2017
  • Book Review's Rating: Five-Star
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author: Nazanin Marzban
  • Cover Design: Fabrizio Catalfamo
  • Click to Buy from Walmart:

Project Autism

Project Autism, is a fundraising initiative to be allocated for the project of an autistic child. Through the sales of Flip books (interactive books) we will raise funds to be allocated to everyone project.  
To submit a child's application (worldwide), send an email to: hoffmannpublish@gmail.com with the subject Project Autism.  
The request must contain the child's name and address, photo, medical diagnosis and project. Projects can be curative (recognized) therapies, studies, travel and any other project that can help for a better future. In addition to the flip books, each project will be linked to "gofundme" a website specialized in fundraising.  
As is a completely beneficial operation where the proceeds from the sale of flip books will be entirely devolved to each project.  
A book and an author, will be assigned to each child to be the sponsor of his project.  At this moment, we can sponsor only five projects, any changes will be announced later. I hope in the solidarity of all, for a problem that I know in first person and that concerns an increasingly large part to the world population.  

Thank you.  
Fabrizio Catalfamo


Hoffmann & Hoffmann Publishing

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Shavonda Robinson

The activity of Hoffmann & Hoffmann resumes, with an exclusive focus on the US market. We start again with two new projects that will be finalized in the coming weeks. An innovative sales system that will bring our books to unusual places, and a fundraiser for children with autism.
Today we add a new name to the list of our collaborators, Shavonda Robinson. The book is called: "I am a free Woman" are unpublished poems on the subject of domestic violence, expressed with great simplicity and raw realism. The author is a former victim of domestic violence as well as the author of songs and inspirational texts.
Shavonda Robinson offers us reason for reflection and opens the way to a new poetic series by Hoffmann & Hoffman.