Thursday, April 26, 2018

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Nazanin Marzban In-Person at Chapters Indigo Bookstore

Photography: Shawn Sviridov - 

"The Town of Mohaba" Author's Second Book Signing Event

The Canadian author Nazanin Marzban's wonderful mythical tale has been called the next "Harry Potter." The fictional tale of love, lust, and loss has captured the minds of publishers around the globe. Interviewed in Hollywood by a Comedian and TV Host, Tehran (@IAmTehran) on October 2017, Nazanin celebrated the release of her first book of the series, "The Town of Mohaba." 

On April 7th, 2018, Nazanin signed her novel, DEATH, at Indigospirit Bookstore in Downtown, Vancouver. The book is the first volume from the novel series, "The Town of Mohaba" published by Hoffmann and Hoffmann in July of 2017. Nazanin shared her experience, "I have no words to describe the day of my book signing at Chapters Indigo, Robson. Not to add that it was the day of my birthday." 

On the same day, Nazanin announced the exciting news, "I am honored to be offered to do another book signing in my hometown at Indigo, Park Royal, this summer. I grew up in the Northshore neighborhood. It is meaningful to me to sign the release of my Hardcover Edition, in the mall that I worked at from age 16 to 21 before starting university. It was foremost one of the best days of my life. Our photographer, custom designer, special guest actor and make-up artist along with my best of best friends made this day unforgettable." 

Congratulations Mary K. for winning our Cineplex Giveaway Draw. Thank you, everyone, for attending Author Nazanin Marzban's Signing at Indigospirit Granville & Robson. Thank you, Patrick Gerber, for appearing as the guest and playing the role of the book's narrator, Mahboo, Death. Thank you Yona Ramlagun, for her beautiful artwork on the actor character, Death. The event would not have also been as successful without the help of our talented photographer and creative director, Shawn Sviridov

"The Town of Mohaba" and Hardcover Edition (Released, Summer 2018)

Nazanin shared her news, "I hope to see all my readers, friends and fans at my next signing this summer at Indigo (Park Royal) to celebrate the release of my, DEATH, Book 1, in Hardcover Edition. Stay tuned for the event's date, hardcover release date, and pre-order options. Make sure you are following me on Instagram at author_nazanin.

You can also follow Author Nazanin's story on You can learn more about her Five-Star Book Signing Celebration, updates on her upcoming events and the release date of her first book's hardcover edition there. Her new edition is expected to become available this summer. Click here to read author's interview following her first book signing, "Death." Click here to watch the video of her recent signing event at Indigo Bookstore.

What Author's Readers Can Expect Next 

We asked what readers can expect in the next volume of our fantasy/sci-fi author's book, "The Town of Mohaba." Nazanin mentioned that in her first novel she focused on introducing the characters. Now, she is ready to place them into action. She wishes to get the message out that she intentionally did not allow her first book to reach a climax. She wanted her readers to long for a second part. Nazanin further shared, "I have planned the plot for 'The Town of Mohaba' until the end of the story; therefore, in each volume, I have carefully planned for a climax." She ended the conversation with this moving statement, "'The Town of Mohaba' has been part of my world for a long time. Now, it is ready to be part of my reader's world." Click below to buy, "Death" from your favorite bookstore. Remember, to hashtag #thetownofmohaba on Instagram when you leave a book review for a chance to win giveaways. 




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