Thursday, April 5, 2018

Get Spring time books discount or get out

A book a day for 100 days, with 50% discount plus a Flipbook, the interactive book for $1.99.
It begins with a light novel by L.H.Davis, a Florida writer who tells us about the adventures of Sally in "The Race". L.H.Davis also collaborates with Hoffmann & Hoffmann as editor and currently works on the editing of "The Artist" the English version of Checkpoint Charlie by Michele Iacono. L.H.Davis is the author of a series of science fiction that will be published by Hoffmann & Hoffmann in 2018. This Spring time discount, comes to present the new line of Flipbooks  with a completely free preview, in support of Autism syndrome through free donations.
The discount will be applied to all Hoffmann & Hoffmann books for a period of 100 days, in the order of one per day. 

The Race/ L.H.Davis $ 9.99




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