Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lost For 75 Years: That Boyce Girl

The manuscript, That Boyce Girl, was written by Raymond Harvey Davis in 1938, but was virtually lost for over 75 years. The work eventually found me, Laurance Howard Davis III, Raymond's great-grand son. Raymond died in 1943, so I never knew him, but I did fall in love with his writing. I published That Boyce Girl for Raymond in 2015 but couldn't let it end there. While transcribing the old manuscript, I fell in love with Sally Boyce, as had all the men in the novel. Once a socialite, Sally was cast into the workforce by the Great Depression. Not only did she have to compete with men professionally, the same men chased her socially with an even greater passion. Unafraid to speak her mind, or slap a deserving face, Sally made her mark in the world at a time when few women could. After preparing the work for publication, I couldn't let Sally fade back into the past, so I wrote the sequel, The Race. Merging Sally's resilience and determination with my own experiences as a race car driver and builder, The Race adds yet another year to life of this amazing woman. This year marks the 80th anniversary of That Boyce Girl, so from January 12th thru the 19th, the E book will be on sale on Amazon for a mere 99 cents. I hope you enjoy Sally's story as much as I continue to do. With best regards, L. H. Davis 

That Boyce Girl   
The Race



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