Wednesday, November 29, 2017

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Fantasy Novel Series with Science Fiction

"The Town of Mohaba" - Fantasy Novel Series with Science Fiction

In the first volume of my fiction series, “The Town of Mohaba,” I deliver fantasy. There is a start of science fiction when I begin the story of the sister souls and the dragons’ power to enter the mirrors. I have always been fascinated by the ideology of past, present, and future. To travel through time, in my first volume, the concept is fantasy based more than science. However, the creation of the mirror souls opened the door for my fantasy to begin transforming into science fiction as well as fantasy. This began at the end of my second volume moving towards the third book. It would be a juggle of the two, but I am eagerly working on my second series to introduce science fiction scenes.

Interestingly, in the first volume, I was driven by my curiosity about life after death, reincarnation, and spirituality. The foundation of the story is based on these subjects. My main character, death, along with Buddha, the wise spiritual warrior, journey with re-incarnated beings to fill in the mystery pieces of the story in the continuing volumes. However, I am excited to add an element of science fiction to my book. This is because I wondered about the future just as much as I wondered about life after death. To be able to create my own version of the future that is advanced with technology is the most gratifying part of me writing the second volume, “Fatem’s Prophecy Quest.” Buy the first volume, “Death” before the second one comes out in 2018.


Nazanin Marzban, Sci-fi/Fantasy Author of the Novel Series, "The Town of Mohaba"



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