Wednesday, November 22, 2017

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Author's Book Signing at Indigo Bookstore

"The Town of Mohaba" Author's Book Signing

The Canadian author Nazanin Marzban's wonderful mythical tale has been called the next 'Harry Potter'. The fictional tale of love, lust, and loss has captured the minds of publishers around the globe. Nazanin was interviewed in Hollywood by a Comedian and TV Host, Tehran (@IAmTehran) as seen on FOX. The fantasy author signed the release of her first novel, "Death" at Indigospirit Bookstore in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, November 18th, 2017. The book is the first volume of her novel series, "The Town of Mohaba" which has been published by Hoffmann and Hoffmann since July of 2017.

Interview Following Our Author's Book Signing Event

Nazanin described her signing experience at one of Canada's most reputable bookstores, Indigo, as, "Simply unforgettable." She further explained that it was one of the best days of her life. She had imagined this day all her life. And, to actually reach the milestone of becoming recognized as an author is something that she will cherish for years to come. When she was asked, "What should we expect from you from now onward?" Nazanin responded with a smile, "To deliver as many volumes of my novel as I can to keep my readers satisfied." She continued, "I get pleasure from making my fans longing for my next series. Ideally, I would like to challenge myself to make this book a life-long commitment." She shared that she is currently writing the young adult version. We were surprised to hear this. We asked if there will be other versions. Nazanin did not want to spoil the surprise but with confidence, she shared, "I have another version already. One is in my head. I keep censuring it when I am writing the volumes for young readers. I have highlighted them. I will be re-visiting them to include the entire scene when and if my fans ask for the adult one." She further explained, "Of course, adult readers can guess what happens." She paused and then said, "There is a beauty in that." 

We became curious what the author, Nazanin Marzban, meant by the beauty of censuring her stories. She clarified, "The adults can imagine and create their own fantasies. It is beautiful in that way." Nazanin didn't want to confuse, she tried to further clarify, "Unlike 'Harry Potter' my plot runs based on a deep-rooted love story. It will be difficult to not go into details if and when there are any romantic segments. I hope that my readers will be satisfied with the censored version as my goal is to have my book read by readers of all ages." 

What Readers Can Expect Next

We moved to what the readers can expect next from our author. Nazanin mentioned that in her first book she focused on introducing the characters. Now, she is ready to place them into action. She wishes to get the message out that she intentionally didn't allow her first book to reach a climax. She wanted her readers to long for a second part. Nazanin further shared, "I have planned the plot for 'The Town of Mohaba' until the end of the story; therefore, in each volume, I have carefully planned for a climax." She ended the conversation with this moving statement, "'The Town of Mohaba' has been part of my world for a long time. Now, it is ready to be part of my reader's world."

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