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Will music interfere or help with writing?

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Will music interfere or help writing?

I used to believe that music would interfere with writing. However, I later discovered that it actually boosted my creativity. I then began experimenting listening to different genres. To my surprise, any song with no singing in the background helped increase my imagination. I started listening to ambient and movie soundtracks (love, action, drama etc.). I am now unable to write my stories without listening to some type of music. 

One of the benefits of listening to a song while writing is that it can play the role of a writing prompt. When I listen to a soundtrack, the next time that I start playing it, it takes me back to my writing without any effort. If I am writing a scene that I need to revisit, the same soundtrack will help bring my memory back. Music can also trigger different emotions within the writer. I find that when I am working on a tragic scene, I write with more emotions if I am listening to sad songs. If it is a scene with warriors fighting on a battlefield, I listen to action. 

I recommend that you experiment with different music types to discover if it helps with your creativity. It doesn't hurt to try. It might be worthwhile if you find that it does help. 

Question to Reflect: Does music interfere with your writing or help your creativity? Feel free to share your comments.

"Music, Mathematics and Art are Considered the Pinnacle of Human Creativity." 


Nazanin Marzban, the author of "The Town of Mohaba" 



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