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"Strange things began to happen in Mohaba after the takeover of evil souls, known as the Devols. Residents opened their doors to be confronted by monsters. Rumors spread about horrible things happening inside and outside everyone’s homes. Most people cowered inside their houses. They sentenced themselves and their families to lives in the shadows to avoid becoming prey. 

The town that had once been so beautiful that life could be seen in everything that moved lay in the shadow of evil. It is astonishing to me how it's humans survived centuries of torture. I guess they never felt the need to migrate elsewhere. Most of them had not known any better. They did not know about the outside world. They got used to Mohaba’s depressing weather, unaware of the town’s magical past. 

There were no more luminous sunny days making the apple trees glow in Mohaba. All the apples were gone, eaten by worms, and the remains had turned into dried up seeds. Only sounds of grief and sadness permeated the town. Soon after the Devol’s insurrection, Mohaba’s shiny blue sea turned gray, the wild waves dulled as the sun vanished. The profound salt smell in the air annoyed the senses and muted emotions. The sands blinded while inside the ocean, heaven still existed. The external darkness hid the beauty hiding under the surface while the depressing clouds covered the entire town from the seashore to its far borders."


"The Town of Mohaba'" is a fantasy fiction novel for young adult readers. It is a mystery series with a touch of romance combined with action and spirituality. The town of Mohaba is possessed by frightening creatures, Devols. When an unexpected lightning hits a hidden mansion, Jewl, it reveals the Devol's secret location that guarded their entire existence. Mahboo, the one and only Death, seeks the opportunity using his super powers along with his long-time immortal friend, Buddha, and past lady friend, Mohabat, to untangle the mysteries inside Jewl. However, an unexpected event alters their plans. They are embarked on a journey of time where they encounter extraordinary creatures. 


Nazanin Marzban was born in 1980. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Nazanin moved to Canada with her family when she was 13 years old. She has been living a Westernized life for most of her life and working since she was 16. Her priority in life has been to have a career that fulfills her desire to live freely and independently. 

Nazanin received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the Simon Fraser University. She worked at the same university. And, spent her weekends writing stories. After her graduation, she enrolled in Education and Linguistics courses. She completed her Teaching Certificate in Linguistics. Although she considered teaching as a career, she chose to stay loyal to her university job and continue writing stories. 

In 2013, Nazanin receives a request from RMA, a Hollywood Literary Agency, to edit her fantasy novel, "The Town of Mohaba." Nazanin attends a Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia. And, begins to change her story from action to narration. She finishes her novel exactly by the endpoint of her education. She became a Certified Life Coach in 2016. In 2017, she was offered to have her novel series published with Hoffmann & Hoffmann. Her first volume, "Death" was published in July of 2017. She is now writing her second volume, "Fatem's Prophecy Quest." 


Anyone who reads, “The Town of Mohaba”, will begin to have their own interpretation. There is a deep undying romance that many would wish to experience. Perhaps, it is possible to create this feeling in your life. Others, might read the story and become interested about the afterlife world. This is a topic that the author, Nazanin Marzban, has been passionate about all her life. Subjects such as reincarnation and what happens after death can feed into one's curiosity about the afterlife. The book opens that possibility for such a world to exist. The first volume, "Death" is now available online and in-stores. 

Be ready to experience a whole new world. Maybe you will change your mind about what happens after we die. Be ready to become dubious. There will be many twists and shocking events. The mystery will be the core of the story. Also, be prepared to welcome your imagination to go to places that it has never been. You never know, maybe after reading "The Town of Mohaba," you will change your mind about life after death. It is more interesting than you might think. 

"If and when the story becomes a movie, I think theaters would be SRO." 

Jim Fox, Author 
(i.e. "The Map of the Carpenter")

Nazanin Marzban, Author
 "Write until you can touch the moon."



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