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My name is Nazanin Marzban, Author of the fantasy, “The Town of Mohaba” Novel Series. I am pleased to share that Volume 1, "Death" is now published. My foil character, Buddha, in the series, is a master of karate. He is also the leader of Mohaba's monks. Many people believe that he passed away centuries ago. However, hidden in the eyes of all living creatures, Buddha is alive in the town of Mohaba.


Near the forests, hidden in the mountains, lives a powerful legendary spirit. It is the same Buddha from thousands of years ago. He now lives as an immortal being. His immortality was rightfully awarded to him by Death. His eternal power came with one condition. He would disguise himself never revealing his identity to the living. Over the years, Buddha enjoyed helping those in need of guidance both as human and souls. Subjects such as human birth, death, and reincarnation are among Buddha’s favorite subjects. He also deeply values reaching one's inner happiness which he believes that it can be found in Mohaba’s beauty.

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To Buddha, one’s happiness is not bounded by the disasters created by the Devols. Over the many centuries, he worked with many strong teams of monks. He knew karate but hid that ability from his people during his lifetime. His mission has been to help the spirits of Mohaba to bring justice to their town. Immortal Buddha living in hiding has what it takes to help everyone in Mohaba to go to battle with the Devols. His inner strength, as well as his superb balance, are skills lacking in both the Devols as well as the warriors of Mohaba's forests. 


"The Town of Mohaba" is a fantasy fiction for young adult readers. It is a mystery with a touch of romance combined with action and mystery. The town of Mohaba has been possessed by frightening creatures, Devols, for decades. When an unexpected lightning hits a hidden mansion, Jewl, it finally reveals the Devol's secret location that guarded their entire existence. Mahboo, the one, and only Death, seeks the opportunity of using his superpowers along with his long-time immortal friend, Buddha, and past lady friend, Mohabat, to untangle the mysteries inside Jewl. However, an unexpected event alters their plans.


I think, anyone who reads, “The Town of Mohaba”, will begin to have their own interpretation. For instance, there is a deep undying romance that many would wish to experience. Perhaps, it is possible to create this feeling in your life. Others, might read the story and become interested in the afterlife world. This is a topic that I have been very passionate about all my life. Subjects such as reincarnation and what happens to us after death feed my curiosity. My book opens that possibility for such a world to exist.

I like to wish that there is reincarnation. Then, that would mean that we all have a soul. We are not a physical form. There is another world that exists after we die. There are also lessons in my book about peace and meditation. If you are a fan of "Buddha," you will enjoy reading my book as he plays a big role in the story. The first volume, "Death" is now available online and in-stores. Don't forget to leave a review so that we hear your requests for the second part.

Nazanin Marzban, The Author of "The Town of Mohaba"

Read Nazanin's first volume before the second is released. The author's next book signing for the release of her hardcover is scheduled at Indigo this Fall. Please visit or stay up-to-date following her book page: On Instagram (author_nazanin), the author writes about her journey as she writes her series without giving away the plots. Her book is available at all your favorite bookstores (i.e. iTunes, iBook, Barnes&Nobel, Nook, Indigo, Walmart)



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