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My name is Nazanin Marzban, Author of “The Town of Mohaba” Novel Series. I am pleased to share that Volume 1, "Death" is now published. I was born in 1980. Although I got my novel published at age 37, I rather rewind to 4 years earlier. That is when I created my story. With that said, I like to think that I am 33. My protagonist in the series, Death, is a superhero who has power over matter of life and death. Because most people fear death, they picture him as a scary monster. However, he is nothing like what the stories have written about him. 


In Mohaba, hidden from the eyes of all living souls and creatures, there is a hero. His real name is Mahboo. It’s a name that he chose for himself. He is the one and only in charge of taking lives. His duty is to routinely take order from the higher powers. They determine for him when to take a life, suck its soul and give it its next earned life. Although many pictured him as an evil desperately craving for blood, he is nowhere near that. 

Mahboo has many powers such as going invisible. His main power involves taking lives of the living creatures at their time of death while assigning them their next life. For quite some time, since the beginning of time, Mahboo has been working as Death. It is no surprise that it has become a habit of his to spontaneously take lives without being present.

When Mohaba was taken over by the Devols, Death had to carry on with his obligation as the one and only. He was put in an uncomfortable situation. He didn’t know how to go about destroying the Devols without the fear of risking his cover. If ever the Devols of Mohaba found out about Death’s powers, it would be unknown what they would do to him. Even worse, if he was eliminated, the entire world would end.


"The Town of Mohaba" is a fantasy fiction series for young adult readers. It is a mystery with a touch of romance combined with action, spirituality, and mystery. Evil creatures, Devols, have possessed the town of Mohaba for decades. One day everything changes. A mansion that holds the key to destroying them becomes visible to the afterlife. Death reunites with his immortal friend, Buddha and a female warrior, Mohabat, to save their magical home from evil. As they prepare to untangle the mysteries inside the mystery castle, a shocking event alters their plans. The rest, you must read the book to find out. 


I believe, anyone who reads, “The Town of Mohaba”, will begin to have their own interpretation. For instance, there is a deep undying romance that many would wish to experience. Perhaps, it is possible to create this feeling in your life. Others, might read the story and become interested about the afterlife world. This is a topic that I have been very passionate about all my life. Subjects such as reincarnation and what happens to us after death feed my curiosity. My book opens that possibility for such a world to exist. 

I like to wish that there is reincarnation. Then, that would mean that we all have a soul. We are not a physical form. There is another world that exists after we die. There are also lessons within my book about peace and meditation, which I hope you enjoy reading. The first volume, "Death" is now available online and in-stores. Don't forget to leave a review so that we hear your requests for the second part. 

Nazanin Marzban
 The Author of, "The Town of Mohaba"

Volume 1 - DEATH is now available. Click to Learn more



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