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My name is Nazanin Marzban, the author of the Fantasy Novel Series, "The Town of Mohaba." I was born in 1980. Although I got my first novel published at age 37, I like to rewind to 4 years earlier. That is when I created my story. With that said, I like to think that I am 33. I am from Vancouver, British Columbia. I moved to Canada with my family when I was 13 years old. I have been living in the Western World for most of my life. I like to believe that I am westernized. However, I do still possess a Persian heart as well. I guess I am from two different worlds crashed into one.

I am lucky to have my close family live here with me in Vancouver. I have two sisters who are older than me. They are both married with kids. I am the youngest, with that, I am the most spoiled out of the three. My mother has been the biggest support in my life. She encouraged me to study and make someone out of myself. Life experiences took me through many different paths of self-discovery. And, through this journey, I chose my writing over settling down. I have worked all my life since I was 16 years old. I feel complete when I am working, studying and writing. My priority in life has been to have a career that fulfills my desire to live freely. Writing serves its magic in that it allows me to work on my own schedule.  

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the Simon Fraser University. I worked at the same university. And, I spent my weekends writing stories. After my graduation, I enrolled in Education and Linguistics courses. I received my Teaching Certificate in Linguistics. Although I considered teaching, I chose to stay loyal to my university job and continue writing stories. Discovering my true passion, I attended a Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia. I would like to think that my educational background was a strong force in my ability to advance my writing. I was born a writer. But, for me to write my stories in English, I made it a life long commitment to write every day. I finished my novel, "The Town of Mohaba" exactly by the endpoint of my education. 


I have pictured myself as an author since my Mother told me that I could at a very young age. However, a life changing experience turned me from doubting to believing. In 2013, I decided to submit my fantasy novel, “The Town of Mohaba” to 20 literary agencies. Two months later, I received an offer of representation by a literary agent in New York. Before signing, I received an e-mail from RMA Agency, the agent of Star Wars. The Hollywood agency requested me to edit my manuscript, Part I, “Death”. While I was editing for their agency, I fell in love with Death’s story. Switching my novel from action to narration transformed “The Town of Mohaba” into a romance that helped me visualize it turning into series. Although the agent never turned me down, I don’t think she liked the changes that I was making to my superhero, Death. If I had edited only as she had requested, perhaps, I would have had my novel out at age 33. 

The moment that I truly felt like a writer was when I was hired by my publisher, "Hoffmann & Hoffmann." After failing to sign a contract with the Hollywood Agency, I had become discouraged. My novel was about Death invented as a “superhero.” I think that is why Star War’s agent became interested. But, everything happens for a reason. I could not be happier to work directly for a publisher. I get to do more than writing a book. I blog and have a VOICE. I believe it is more fun when you are not strictly working on one project. Before becoming an author, I had moments of doubting myself versus believing. I pursued a different career. I became a Life Coach. Now, I am where I belong. I apply my coaching experience in writing. I discipline myself while writing my fantasy as well as helping coach new writers.

In addition to writing my sequel, I write as a life coach. I do this with the purpose of helping my clients and others to succeed in reaching their dreams. Writing is a career of mine but coaching is a passion. Yet, in everything that I do, blogs and guest videos, I am coaching writers. Writing is like “oxygen” to me. I cannot go on without it. It is not a career, it is what I do all day from the moment I get up until my eyes are closed.


I remember that I was 5 years old. I used to walk in the streets of Iran gazing at the bookstores and their displays. Even if from far, I imagined my book displayed in their window. I think it was my destiny to write. I did not believe that it was possible. I asked my mother when I was very young, “Do you think that I can become an author?” She answered, “Of course, my love. Anyone can. Many great artists in Persian history, didn’t have an education. It is an innate talent.” When my Mother told me this, the door to build my dream opened. I began creating in my mind stories that I planned to write when I would be older and able. Since I could remember I had this longing to imagine things that do not exist in the real world. I guess I didn’t find our world interesting enough. 

I remember I was 8 years old. I would hang out with my grandfather instead of playing on the playground. I walked the streets listening to his stories. My grandpa from my dad’s side was a scholar. I enjoyed listening to him for hours not getting enough. I rarely wrote anything until I moved to Canada. Back home, the school was intense. I had no free time to allow my creativity channel run wild. However, when I came to Canada, in my first ESL course, my English Teacher submitted my writing to the Vancouver Sun Newspaper. I think that was when I became motivated to learn English well. Making school priority, I wrote short stories on the side. 


"The Town of Mohaba" is a fantasy fiction novel series written for YA readers. It is a mystery with a touch of romance combined with action, spirituality, and mystery. The town of Mohaba has been possessed by frightening creatures, Devols, for decades. When an unexpected lightning hits a hidden mansion, Jewl, it finally reveals the Devol's secret location that guarded their entire existence. Mahboo, the one and only Death, seeks the opportunity using his super powers along with his long-time immortal friend, Buddha, and past lady friend, Mohabat, to untangle the mysteries inside Jewl. 


If you pay close attention, most superheroes are consumed by their duties more than they are by love. For instance, Spiderman, he struggles between love and rescuing people. However, Death is not like any other superheroes. To find out, you must read the book. But, I will provide you a brief summary here as a teaser.

In Mohaba, hidden from the eyes of all living souls and creatures, there is a hero. His real name is Mahboo. It’s a name he chose for himself. He is the one and only in charge of taking lives while dealing with matters of life and death. His duty is to routinely take order from God as to when to take a life, suck its soul and give it its next earned life. Although many pictured him as an evil desperately craving for blood, he is nowhere near that. 

Death has many powers such as going invisible. However, his main duty involves taking lives of the living creatures at their time of death. He then assigns them their next life. For quite some time, since the beginning of time, Mahboo has been working as Death. It is no surprise that it has become a habit of his to spontaneously take lives without his presence.

When Mohaba was taken over by the Devols, Death had to carry on with his obligation as the one and only. He was put in an uncomfortable situation. He did not know how to go about destroying the Devols without the fear of risking his cover. If ever the Devols of Mohaba found out about Death’s powers, it is unknown what they would do to him. Even worse, if he was eliminated, the entire world would come to an end.


I think, anyone who reads, “The Town of Mohaba”, will begin to have their own interpretation. For instance, there is a deep undying romance that many would wish to experience. Perhaps, it is possible to create this feeling in your life. Others, might read the story and become interested about the afterlife world. This is a topic that I have been passionate about all my life. Subjects such as reincarnation and what happens to us after death feed my curiosity. My book opens that possibility for such a world to exist.

I like to wish that there is reincarnation. Then, that would mean that we all have a soul. We are not a physical form. There is another world that exists after we die. There are also lessons within my book about peace and meditation. If you are a fan of Buddha, monks, and karate, you will enjoy reading my book. Buddha plays a big role in the story. The first volume, "Death" is now available online and in-stores. Don't forget to leave a review so that we hear your requests for the second part.

Readers, be ready to experience a whole new world. Maybe you will change your mind about what happens after we die. Be ready to become dubious. There will be many twists and shocking events. The mystery will be the core of the story. Also, be prepared to welcome your imagination to go to places that it has never been. You never know, maybe after reading "The Town of Mohaba," you will change your mind about life after death. It is more interesting than you might think.

Nazanin Marzban
 The Author of, "The Town of Mohaba"


Volume 1 - DEATH is now available. Click to Learn more.



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