Saturday, July 1, 2017

July Release Hoffmann & Hoffmann Publisher

In July, Hoffmann & Hoffmann's first publications will begin with the following works:  
  1. "Hermeneutic of the Evident" Essay (F.Guzzardi )
  2. "The Race" Novel (L.H. Davis) 
  3. "THE TOWN OF MOHABA" Fantasy series ((Nazanin Marzban) 
  4. "La fine di un regno" vol.1 and 2,  Historical Essay (Italian language by Raffaele De Cesare 
  5. "Talking with Mussolini" Essay ( Emil Ludwich),
  6.  "Egoist" Essay ( JAMES HUNEKER )
Publications will continue on a monthly basis. Worldwide distribution will be mainly in English, with some exceptions for the "International Best Seller" series, which will be published in their original language and translated into English. Press releases will follow, with relevant links for interested readers and industry professionals. By enrolling in the "news letter" at,  you will be updated about the editorial novelties of Hoffmann & Hoffmann.



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