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How Important is Social Media for New Authors?

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How Important is Social Media for New Authors? 

Life as a new author can be challenging at the beginning. This is more so if you are not an active user on social media. It takes time to build your audience. You could argue that this is due to a generational change. If your target audiences are from millennial and younger then you know for a fact that it is almost mandatory to be present online.

I can only assume that in the old days and perhaps with the baby boomers and older, you could get by without one. But, this would mean that you go old school by writing all your articles for the daily newspaper and destroying trees. If you start to analyze this transitional change, you will note that the baby boomers are forced to move forward or they will fall behind with gaining readers. These days, most readers are not holding a newspaper. They are on their phones, computers, and laptops.

You could argue that there are online newspapers. However, if you do not share your social media pages at the bottom of your page, most likely you will lose your readers. Most people are not patient. This is because we are in a generation where we are overloaded with information. Every individual is sharing their knowledge on the internet. If there are no pages to click for your readers to find you then most likely you will lose their interest fast.

There are many benefits to using online communication. The number one is the fact that you can reach many readers globally. There is no other way that you can achieve this. What is interesting to note is the fact that even within the social media, the younger generation is moving towards more faster and easier ways to use the media. In other words, you got to move with these speedy changes. This also means researching your target audience to find out which form of media they use the most.

Nowadays, it is rare that you will see an author with no social media. You are almost required to move with the wheels of time. This is more so if you like to easily interact, communicate, and connect with them. To answer the question, “Yes, it is crucial especially for novel authors to be visible online and found.”

About Me

My name is Nazanin Marzban. I am the author of "The Town of Mohaba." I was born in 1980. I am from Vancouver, British Columbia. I have been living in the Western World for most of my life. I like to believe that I am westernized but I still possess a Persian heart as well. I guess that I am from two different worlds crashed into one. 

My book, "The Town of Mohaba" is a mystery fiction series with a touch of romance combined with action and spirituality. It is about a town that is possessed by frightening creatures, Devols. But, when an unexpected lightning hits a hidden mansion, Jewl, it reveals the Devol's secret location that guarded their entire existence. Mahboo, the one and only Death, seeks the opportunity using his super powers along with his long-time immortal friend, Buddha, and past lady friend, Mohabat, to untangle the mysteries inside Jewl. However, an unexpected event alters their plans. They are embarked on a journey of time where they encounter extraordinary creatures. 

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the Simon Fraser University. I worked at the same university. And, I spent my weekends writing stories. After my graduation, I enrolled in Education and Linguistics courses. I received my Teaching Certificate in Linguistics. Although I considered teaching, I chose to stay loyal to my university job and continue writing stories. Discovering my true passion, I attended a Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia. I would like to think that my educational background was a strong force in my ability to advance my writing. I was born a writer. But, for me to write my stories in English, I made it a life long commitment to write every day. I finished my novel, "The Town of Mohaba" exactly by the endpoint of my education. 

In addition to writing my sequel, I write as a life coach. I do this with the purpose of helping my clients and others to succeed in reaching their dreams. Writing is a career of mine but coaching is a passion. Yet, in everything that I do, blogs and guest videos, I am coaching writers. Writing is like “oxygen” to me. I cannot go on without it. It is not a career, it is what I do all day from the moment I get up until my eyes are closed. I am currently working hard on the second part of "The Town of Mohaba." I hope to have it ready for my readers by 2018. 

Nazanin Marzban, the author of "The Town of Mohaba"
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  1. Excellent post Nazanin! And very true as well. It is hard to be dividing your time between book marketing and your work in progress. During the writing of my debut novel, The Sleeping Serpent, I was able to devote all day to writing. But now my time is divided between book marketing, guest blogging, and staying in touch with my fans. Social media is the most important thing. There is also Goodreads and book clubs such as Rave Reviews Book Club where authors support and promote each other. In this book club we also read and review other author's books which is vital for ranking on Amazon. In Facebook there are hundreds of book blogs and book group where authors to events, page takeovers, and release parties and we share posts to support each other. I have learned a lot about releasing a book using social media that is required whether you self-publish or traditionally publish. Through Facebook I have received dozens of author spotlights and interviews and written guest essays on blogs about relationship abuse that have been shared on Facebook, Twitter and reblogged across the world. The hardest part is keeping up with my current work in progress.

    1. Thank you, Luna. I am glad that you liked the post. It is true. It is difficult for many authors to divide time equally between writing and socializing on social media. It can be exhausting and time consuming if you have a book that needs your attention. The benefits that it offers to writers are endless. As you mentioned, there are many support systems, groups, online sources, and clubs available at the author's feet. It sure opens doors and opportunities. Once a new author discovers all these, it becomes a matter of prioritization. For instance, can I be unavailable for few days to work on my book and instead devote my weekends to this? Or, would I like to blog in the evenings and write during the day? Of course you can. You choose how you like to manage these. Good luck on your current project.