Saturday, April 29, 2017


Hoffmann & Hoffmann is an independent start-up company with the goal of producing high-level artistic and cultural books. We demand the support of those who love literature to establish a sustainable relationship with our users. We are not paid publishers, who publishes with us is not supposed to take any expense except for time and talent.In this blog, with the contribution of well-established and novice writers, we want to create a marketing platform and an assessment base for new talents. Hoffmann & Hoffmann's contributors will be called upon to judge the work of new proposals and To propose information about your editorial work.Everyone in their own language, with the desire and willingness to divulge the message of creativity and free expression.For those who wish to submit their own manuscript, they may request a momentary invitation to the email address: You can send a chapter of your work with a short biography, the manuscript will be published on this blog and evaluated by Hoffmann & Hoffmann staff writers as well as anyone who would like to comment on the post. At the end of the evaluation process, interested parties will receive an email with a proposal for publication. Being based in the States, we prefer to publish in English. Manuscripts and books in Italian will be translated and published in both languages ​, in paper and digital formats. There are no gender restrictions, except pornography and genres that may disturb public morality.

Fabrizio Catalfamo

Hoffmann & Hoffmann LLC, 9000 Saint Georges 
road 206 b, Ormond Beach, Florida USA



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