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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Town of Mohaba

by Nazanin Marzban
 "To save their magical town from frightening souls, Death uses his superpowers with a help of his immortal friend and female warrior to unravel the mysteries inside a mansion which holds the key to destroying them. But a shocking event alters their plans embarking them on a journey of time where they encounter extraordinary creatures."
We kept hoping the sun would shine over the trees again. Instead, the dark miserable clouds that spread from the mountains out over the town remained. Mohaba’s residents had gotten used to the ugly weather, unending rains, and dark gray clouds. How would their town be bright and full of life when demons possessed every corner of it? It had not been a pleasant place to live for its people, their parents, grandparents and even their great-grandparents.
Some of the people ran away in the hopes of finding a neighboring town. The ones remaining had no access to any news. They did not know if their friends, neighbors, or family members who managed to get away were alive or dead. I know what happened to them. None of them survived. They were the lucky ones. The unlucky ones were the ones who had not ran away, who were left behind. Like them, I worried for my survival after many failed attempts to save Mohaba. I discovered I could not protect them if I could not protect myself. No choice remained considering what would be at stake. Without me on the earth, there would be no life after death.
Strange things began to happen in Mohaba after the takeover of evil souls, known as the Devols. Residents opened their doors to be confronted by monsters. Rumors spread about horrible things happening inside and outside everyone’s homes. Most people cowered inside their houses. They sentenced themselves and their families to lives in the shadows to avoid becoming prey.
The town that had once been so beautiful that life could be seen in everything that moved lay in the shadow of evil. It is astonishing to me how its humans survived centuries of torture. I guess they never felt the need to migrate elsewhere. Most of them had not known any better. They did not know about the outside world. They got used to Mohaba’s depressing weather, unaware of the town’s magical past.
There were no more luminous sunny days making the apple trees glow in Mohaba. All the apples were gone, eaten by worms, and the remains had turned into dried up seeds. Only sounds of grief and sadness permeated the town. Soon after the Devol’s insurrection, Mohaba’s shiny blue sea turned gray, the wild waves dulled as the sun vanished. The profound salt smell in the air annoyed the senses and muted emotions. The sands blinded while inside the ocean, heaven still existed. The external darkness hid the beauty hiding under the surface while the depressing clouds covered the entire town from the seashore to its far borders.
Days quickly turned into decades. I had not imagined these evil beings to be anything more dangerous than a tornado moving violently through the air. I believed to be the strongest force in the spirit world. I did not dare to battle with them alone. They discovered a way to take over any living being other than their own kind. Soon, I found myself taking care of the souls of the deceased instead of saving them.
Mohaba was viewed by the Devols, as a region to guard against any godlike creatures. No heaven existed if they protected the only district that held sacred treasures threatening their existence. Humans felt the Devols as a cold wind passing through. To afterlife and immortal souls, they appeared visible. Most of them looked like black ghosts and murky clouds wafting through the air. At night, their red eyes shone with yellow fires. It revealed if they possessed a creature. Over the centuries, some of their possessed animals adapted into a Devol.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


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