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THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Fantasy Novel Series with Science Fiction

"The Town of Mohaba" - Fantasy Novel Series with Science Fiction
In the first volume of my fiction series, “The Town of Mohaba,” I deliver fantasy. There is a start of science fiction when I begin the story of the sister souls and the dragons’ power to enter the mirrors. I have always been fascinated by the ideology of past, present, and future. To travel through time, in my first volume, the concept is fantasy based more than science. However, the creation of the mirror souls opened the door for my fantasy to begin transforming into science fiction as well as fantasy. This began at the end of my second volume moving towards the third book. It would be a juggle of the two, but I am eagerly working on my second series to introduce science fiction scenes.
Interestingly, in the first volume, I was driven by my curiosity about life after death, reincarnation, and spirituality. The foundation of the story is based on these subjects. My main character, death, along with Buddha, th…

The Secret to Overcoming Writer's Block

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The Secret to Overcoming Writer's Block

I had to learn this the hard way. Four years ago, I ended up in the hospital. They found something in my brain. It was too deep for neurologists to risk going in. The first thing that happens with brain trauma is that you lose balance. This is a physical balance but of course, it would make sense that if you cannot balance your body that perhaps you cannot balance your mind. There are lots that are happening inside your brain. The surrounding nerves are trying to take on the function of the damaged nerve. 

I was in the midst of writing my series when this happened to me. Before the injury, I was having the best days of my life. I had a balanced life, mind, and body. My creativity was functioning at its maximum. I had been practicing yoga for three years. And, I had reached that mediated state of mind that nothing and no one could distract or break me. During one of my yoga lessons, the instructor advised, "Plant your…

26 Giorni

26 Giorni (Italian Edition)

Nelle librerie ed in tutti i negozi online, dal 30 Novembre 2017. Il nuovo libro di F. Guzzardi, pubblicato per Hoffmann  & Hoffmann, e` un romanzo in bilico fra un saggio esoterico ed un sogno.  Ambientato a New York, il narratore di questo sogno e` uno scrittore francese, Jean Luc Dupuy, il quale si trovera`, spinto dalla curiosita` di conoscere le verita celate di un vecchio libro esoterico, in uno scenario di ingannevoli figure che attraverseranno la sua vita per il tempo di un insegnamento. Sullo sfondo di una New York notturna e romantica, si incroceranno le vite di alcuni esseri, senza nessuna apparente affinita`, che cambieranno per sempre la vita di Jean. "Da bambino ascoltavo i rumori delle maree, abitavamo a Nizza. A volte mio padre mi portava a pescare e non prendevamo mai niente, tanto che ben presto cominciai a domandarmi perché mi portasse sugli scogli a pescare d’inverno. Finché una volta mi decisi a chiederglielo e lui mi rispose ri…

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Author's Book Signing at Indigo Bookstore

"The Town of Mohaba" Author's Book SigningThe Canadian author Nazanin Marzban's wonderful mythical tale has been called the next 'Harry Potter'. The fictional tale of love, lust, and loss has captured the minds of publishers around the globe. Nazanin was interviewed in Hollywood by a Comedian and TV Host, Tehran (@IAmTehran) as seen on FOX. The fantasy author signed the release of her first novel, "Death" at Indigospirit Bookstore in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, November 18th, 2017. The book is the first volume of her novel series, "The Town of Mohaba" which has been published by Hoffmann and Hoffmann since July of 2017.
Interview Following Our Author's Book Signing Event

Nazanin described her signing experience at one of Canada's most reputable bookstores, Indigo, as, "Simply unforgettable." She further explained that it was one of the best days of her life. She had imagined this day all her life. And, to actually reach…