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Talks with Mussolini

 By F. Guzzardi
Emil Ludwig (originally named Emil Cohn) was born in Breslau, now part of Poland. Born into a Jewish family, he was raised as a non-Jew but was not baptized. “Many persons have become Jews since Hitler," he said. "I have been a Jew since the murder of Walther Rathenau [in 1922], from which date I have emphasized that I am a Jew.” Ludwig studied law but chose writing as a career. At first he wrote plays and novellas, also working as a journalist. In 1906, he moved to Switzerland, but, during World War I, he worked as a foreign correspondent for the Berliner Tageblatt in Vienna and Istanbul. He became a Swiss citizen in 1932, later emigrating to the United States in 1940. At the end of the Second World War, he went to Germany as a journalist, and it is to him that we owe the retrieving of Goethe's and Schiller's coffins, which had disappeared from Weimar in 1943/44. He returned to Switzerland after the war and died in 1948, in Moscia, near Ascona. In 19…

Checkpoint Charlie

"Checkpoint Charlie, Ladies and Gentlemen, il limite dentro di noi, il confine che non vogliamo oltrepassare se non vogliamo mettere in gioco la nostra morale."

 La storia di un artista dei nostri giorni, che si trova ad un bivio della propria misera esistenza e decide di attraversare il confine della propria vita per incontrare un mondo fatto di corruzione, ricchezza, fama, sesso, adulazione,menzogna,esoterici incontri e volteggi fra saggezza popolare e miseria. Una miniera di citazioni, un viaggio culturale, fra uno sbarco di emigranti ed una benedizione clericale. Checkpoint Charlie e` negli occhi di una prostituta minorenne, il confine dell'uomo, e` nella corruzione dell'uomo d'affari, nel politico di turno. Checkpoint Charlie e` il gommone carico di anime che affonda nel mediterraneo, e` la barriera delle filosofie Greche o Cristiane, l'amante del diavolo.

"Immagin√≤ di vedere riflesso in quelle scure acque un armonico corpo, e si mise a ridere, anzi, …

Will music interfere or help with writing?

Image Source: Becca Clark
Will music interfere or help writing?

I used to believe that music would interfere with writing. However, I later discovered that it actually boosted my creativity. I then began experimenting listening to different genres. To my surprise, any song with no singing in the background helped increase my imagination. I started listening to ambient and movie soundtracks (love, action, drama etc.). I am now unable to write my stories without listening to some type of music.
One of the benefits of listening to a song while writing is that it can play the role of a writing prompt. When I listen to a soundtrack, the next time that I start playing it, it takes me back to my writing without any effort. If I am writing a scene that I need to revisit, the same soundtrack will help bring my memory back. Music can also trigger different emotions within the writer. I find that when I am working on a tragic scene, I write with more emotions if I am listening to sad songs. If it i…