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The Town of Mohaba

THE TOWN OF MOHABA by Nazanin Marzban
 "To save their magical town from frightening souls, Death uses his superpowers with a help of his immortal friend and female warrior to unravel the mysteries inside a mansion which holds the key to destroying them. But a shocking event alters their plans embarking them on a journey of time where they encounter extraordinary creatures." We kept hoping the sun would shine over the trees again. Instead, the dark miserable clouds that spread from the mountains out over the town remained. Mohaba’s residents had gotten used to the ugly weather, unending rains, and dark gray clouds. How would their town be bright and full of life when demons possessed every corner of it? It had not been a pleasant place to live for its people, their parents, grandparents and even their great-grandparents. Some of the people ran away in the hopes of finding a neighboring town. The ones remaining had no access to any news. They did not know if their friends, n…


Hoffmann & Hoffmann is an independent start-up company with the goal of producing high-level artistic and cultural books. We demand the support of those who love literature to establish a sustainable relationship with our users. We are not paid publishers, who publishes with us is not supposed to take any expense except for time and talent.In this blog, with the contribution of well-established and novice writers, we want to create a marketing platform and an assessment base for new talents. Hoffmann & Hoffmann's contributors will be called upon to judge the work of new proposals and To propose information about your editorial work.Everyone in their own language, with the desire and willingness to divulge the message of creativity and free expression.For those who wish to submit their own manuscript, they may request a momentary invitation to the email address: You can send a chapter of your work with a short biography, the manuscript wil…


Hoffmann & Hoffmann è una casa editrice (start up) indipendente con l'obiettivo di produrre libri ad alto livello artistico e culturale.Chiediamo il sostegno di chi ama la letteratura per stabilire un rapporto sostenibile con i nostri utenti.Non siamo editori a pagamento, chi pubblica con noi non deve sostenere alcuna spesa eccetto il tempo ed il suo talento. In questo blog, con la contribuzione di scrittori affermati e debuttanti, desideriamo creare una piattaforma di marketing ed una base di valutazione per i nuovi talenti.Gli autori ed i contributori della Hoffmann & Hoffmann, saranno chiamati a giudicare il lavoro di nuove proposte e ad proporre informazioni circa il proprio lavoro editoriale. Ognuno nella propria lingua, con il desiderio e la volonta` di divulgare il messaggio di creativita`  ed espressione libera. Per chi volesse sottomettere il proprio manoscritto, puo` richiedere un momentaneo invito all'indirizzo email : Potr…