Intervista NEL VUOTO a Susanna Casubolo

F. Guzzardi

Con Susannaci siamo conosciutitre anni fa, per mezzo di questi strumenti meravigliosi che sono i socials media. Abbiamo trovato subito un punto d'incontro fra le nostre "follie" e le abbiamo coltivate fino a che la nostra amicizia virtuale si sia trasformata in una complice passione per la scrittura.
Susanna e` una professionista affermata nella sua attivita` di psicologa ed ha pubblicato diversi libri con case editrici Italiane. Collabora con Hoffmann & Hoffmann fin dall'inizio di questa avventura editoriale.
"Nel vuoto" e` ambientato a Roma, luogo di residenza e di vita. E`un giallo leggero, estivo, oserei dire da spiaggia. Da leggere, svuotando la mente dai tormentati dilemmi che viviamo in questi giorni. Raccontato con ritmi da commedia all'italiana.
F. Guzzardi: Come nasce questo giallo e cosa ti ha ispirato gli intrecci ed i personaggi? 
Susanna: "Nel vuoto" รจ nato da un evento accaduto realmente nel mio quartiere: il su…

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Now Available in Hardcover Edition

On May 12th, THE TOWN OF MOHABA, Book 1, DEATH, launched in Hardcover Edition. It is currently available to buy at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel bookstore online. The author will be signing her hardcover edition in her hometown this summer at Indigo Bookstore, Park Royal location.

Find out what the book reviewers are calling, "The Next Harry Potter." The Fiver-Star Award Winner Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel Series shared by Readers' Review will appeal to a wide range of audiences from tweens to teens who are a fan of the magical stories with an added supernatural tale. Another reviewer, recently, promoted to a chief executive role at a publisher back in her home country, Aparna Preethi, had some words of her own to share with sci-fi fan-based readers: "The picturesque narration, unimaginable things, unpredictable happenings, peculiar characters, idiosyncratic backgrounds and the unique plot of the tale has made the first part of the book conquering."

The Town of Mohaba …

The Artist

We are particularly honored to announce the publication of The Artist, a Michele Iacono's book (Checkpoint Charlie) originally written in Italian, here translated by the magic keyboard of Giusi Nigro.
It was a long work in which they participated among others: L.H.Davis, author of The Race, the novel published by Hoffmann & Hoffmann in the recent year 2017 and F. Guzzardi author of the novel in Italian language "26 Days". 

TheArtist,isthestoryofafailedartistpainter,whosuddenlyfindshimself, thankstoaseriesofcircumstances,projectedintoaworldmadeofwealthandsweetliving,butalsoofcorruption,greedandperversionsateverylevel.


THE TOWN OF MOHABA - The Novel Series is Now Available at Walmart

THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Series is Now Available at Walmart
I am pleased to announce that, "The town of Mohaba" will be available at Walmart. It is meaningful to me that Walmart has selected my novel series, "The Town of Mohaba," as one of their products. I visioned my dream while being inside their store. I remember vividly the day that I decided to change my novel into a series. I was working with the Hollywood Agency, RMA, at the time. We were working together without a contract for two years. While editing my novel for them, the story took a different turn. I could not control where it was heading. It became more than an edit. It transformed into a love story that themed around romance than action.
The book developed into a romance mixed with mystery and adventure. I will never know the exact reason why the agency decided not to represent me. All I receive is no reply and that your pitch is too long. I recall walking into Walmart and see the agent's books and mer…

Project Autism

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Shavonda Robinson

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