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Shavonda Robinson

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THE TOWN OF MOHABA - Nazanin Marzban In-Person at Chapters Indigo Bookstore

Photography: Shawn Sviridov - "The Town of Mohaba" Author's Second Book Signing EventThe Canadian author Nazanin Marzban's wonderful mythical tale has been called the next "Harry Potter." The fictional tale of love, lust, and loss has captured the minds of publishers around the globe. Interviewed in Hollywood by a Comedian and TV Host, Tehran (@IAmTehran) on October 2017, Nazanin celebrated the release of her first book of the series, "The Town of Mohaba." 

On April 7th, 2018, Nazanin signed her novel, DEATH, at Indigospirit Bookstore in Downtown, Vancouver. The book is the first volume from the novel series, "The Town of Mohaba" published by Hoffmann and Hoffmann in July of 2017. Nazanin shared her experience, "I have no words to describe the day of my book signing at Chapters Indigo, Robson. Not to add that it was the day of my birthday." 

On the same day, Nazanin announced the exciting news, "I am honored to …

Get Spring time books discount or get out

A book a day for 100 days, with 50% discount plus a Flipbook, the interactive book for $1.99.
It begins with a light novel by L.H.Davis, a Florida writer who tells us about the adventures of Sally in "The Race".L.H.Davis also collaborates with Hoffmann & Hoffmann as editor and currently works on the editing of "The Artist" the English version of Checkpoint Charlie by Michele Iacono.L.H.Davis is the author of a series of science fiction that will be published by Hoffmann & Hoffmann in 2018. This Spring time discount, comes to present the new line of Flipbooks  with a completely free preview, in support of Autism syndrome through free donations.
The discount will be applied to all Hoffmann & Hoffmann books for a period of 100 days, in the order of one per day. 

The Race/ L.H.Davis $ 9.99

Creating Heroines

Heroines are always a complicated subject to tackle. They are similar to villains in that you have to know their back story before you begin. The advantage with most heroines though, is that the whole book is about them. The reader will learn the back story as the book moves along. The same tips and tricks for villains can be used for heroines and even heroes so be sure to read that post first.

I think most writers have trouble writing heroines. The tendency is to make them hard and unforgiving. They are written like a man with a few female traits thrown in to remind the reader they are female. A lot of writers forget that they are women first. The heroine may have been raised under the harshest of conditions, but they are still women. They think differently than men. They may be able to shut off emotions, but they are still present and can still cause problems.

A good heroine is a woman first and a hero second. It sounds odd I know, because you never think of Wonder Woman crying, but…

Creating a Villain They'll Love to Hate #ForTheirSins

A good villain is essential to almost every story. You can either get it right, or you can get it very, very wrong. When creating a villain, there is always the risk of making the tired clich├ęd comic book evil genius. In some instances, it might work, and I use might hesitantly. It almost never works, well unless you’re writing a comic book, graphic novel or something like that stylistically.

How do you write a villain then?

Back Story
Villains are characters like any other with one major difference they are evil, right? Well yes and no. I always have a back story on my characters whether it makes it into the main flow of the piece or not. I know who they are or at least have a feeling of their specific background. Villains for me tend to be the most complicated of all my characters.

In For Their Sins, Anya Drake is the leader of the Mordere, and you meet her in the Prologue ready to kill Alexandria Diego my heroine. You assume it’s over a man because that’s all the facts I’ve given yo…

Gallic Books Expands Their 2018 Global Presence with Ingram


Fabrizio Catalfamo
London – Gallic Books expands their UK and global presence with Ingram Publisher Services LLC international distribution network. Gallic Books was founded by Jane Aitken and Pilar Webb in 2007 with the aim of bringing French fiction to an English-speaking audience. Gallic saw early success when they picked up Muriel Barbery’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and went on to sell 400,000 copies.
“We’ve been pleased with the success of our distribution relationship with Consortium in North America since 2013,” said Jane Aitken at Gallic Books. “But as European publishers, we would like to expand our reach here, and we believe that our relationship with Ingram Publisher Services international network will be a fruitful one.”
Ingram Publisher Services’ international sales team focuses on partnering with publishers to scale its sales and marketing reach. With offices in London and New York and a network of sales reps aroun…

Creating an Urban Fantasy World #ForTheirSins

When designing an urban fantasy or historical fantasy, several things are key to keeping it believable.

First and foremost you must do your research.
When I started writing For Their Sins, I thought I would write something that was pure fantasy. I hoped to design a world that was recognizable but a few paces out of synch with ours. As the story developed, it became obvious that For Their Sins had to occur in the shadows of the real world.
On the first draft, I used placeholder names, chose random cities, arbitrary times, and made rough guesses on costuming. Every aspect of this novel had to be rechecked. Some of the facts would probably go unnoticed unless a history buff read the book. While other mistakes would be glaring errors to anyone, who traveled to those parts of the world.

The one fact that plagued me was: The United States is a melting pot. We probably have one person from every nation if not every major city in the world. I never knew who was going to pick up my book. The la…

A New Breed of Vampire

For Their Sins isn’t your typical vampire novel. Alexandria Diego isn’t your typical heroine either. When re-envisioning vampire lore I needed something that was never seen before. For inspiration, I turned to the Bible. Genesis speaks of Nephilim or angel, human hybrids. Its not a new concept but it’s never been applied to vampires. In For Their Sins, God saw the strength of crossing humans with angels and used it to His advantage. God created the Venandi to hunt down the worst sinners.

My vampires are God’s servants, but they aren’t pious or righteous. Many of them can walk in the sun although there’s no sparkles or pyrotechnics needed. There isn’t a “vegetarian” among them either. A vampire is a hunter. They can’t deny their nature.

Watch the book trailer below for a peek into Alexandria’s world.

For Their Sins is currently available for sale on Amazon and other Book Sellers

 For Their Sins
     Published: October 8,2018
     Review Rating 4.5 Stars
     Author: Rebecca Tran